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Great knife

This is a well crafted knife at a very good price point.

Tokushu Knife Ebony Wa Handle With Padauk Ferrule

Order arrived promptly with no issues, knife is beautiful!

Nice kniv

I am satisfied with the knife, good quality in this price range. Sharp, cuts well, nicely crafted handle. I don't know how well it holds its edge yet, but I suspect it will continue to improve after I use it for a while.

Replacement Handles

These handles were as described. Well finished and just what I was looking for. I replaced my first one yesterday. Not difficult and made a major upgrade.

Incredible cutting feel

This knife looks rustic and feels heavier than most of my other Japanese knives, but cutting feels incredibly refined. The small sacrifice in weight allows it to glide through food effortlessly.

Solid knife

I've had the knife for a few months now and it works great. I got it to be a go-to knife in place of some other knives that felt too light. The balance is good, edge retention is pretty good as well, and personally I like the rougher look. Although the edge retention isn't perfect, for the price it's probably the best you're going to get. Some reviews on other sites mentioned it being difficult to care for due to the carbon steel, but I haven't had any issues. A thin coat of oil after washing takes about 10 seconds to put on and that's all the extra maintenance you need. It's nothing crazy or innovative but just a reliable workhorse at a great price that does its job well.

Knife Sayas by David Choi - 240mm Poplar


Great knife. Love it !

A Keeper!

In my personal opinion, Takeshi Saji is an outstanding blacksmith. This petty was put to use immediately paring a Korean pear. My existing petty was sharpened for the last time and now is in retirement. Thank you Tony and Zach for your excellent customer support.

Yoshimi kato minamo is a light saber

I wasn’t expecting much from this knife to be honest. First thing I did when I got it was started at the choil and spine. WOW! The choil stopped me right in my tracks. The edge on this knife is so thin it’s ridiculous! Some people look for a razor, laser, or in this case. A light saber…. Highly recommend this knife to someone looking to up their knife game or celebrate an accomplishment.

Tokushu Knife Rosewood Series White #2 Kurouchi 210mm Japanese Gyuto Knife

Cuts better than it has any right to

I heard the buzz and got one. Definitely a nice surprise at this price point. If you are wanting cheap and quality carbon that PERFORMS, this is what you're looking for. Plus these Tokushu guys are awesome. Win/Win.

New fav

Super sharp out of the box. The finish is excellent-- spine and choil are well rounded, making the blade very comfortable. I paired this with Tokushu's rosewood handle, which is beautiful and suits the blade well. The blade is thin, but still quite rigid. It feels very natural in hand and overall is a joy to use.

Perfect, Moritaka is known for their steel quality and this knife is a testament to it

The rustic/rough look is awesome, the handle feels nice and the cutting is flawless

Homecook beware of it size as it's quite large

Best slicer, feel like cloud from ff7

Great knife for the price.

Spine is fairly straight, maybe a slight hint of warpage in the body of the blade. Edge came sharp enough for any vegetables I’ll be cutting. Handle is thick, more of a western style feel but with Asian inspired look. Overall very happy with the knife, considering its price point it’s a good value.

Premium select - awesome

I went with a premium select model for a Shibata petty. Upon arrival it was fitted to the knife perfectly. The piece they selected had nice grain and good color. If I’m going to nitpick, the lacquer coating was a little runny in one small spot, but not screaming obvious.

The transition from ebony to padauk is seamless as well, I find it distracting when you can feel the seam/transition between the two materials.

Excellent Cleaver

I cook stir fries and fajitas often and this was an excellent cleaver for meal preps. Sturdy. I have used it for a year and have not had any issues with the knife. It takes a nice blue and orange patina.

Unbelievably sharp and beautiful

This knife is simply amazing. Probably the sharpest knife I’ve ever had, especially right out of the box. Just as important, Tony and Zach are committed to amazing customer service and I would not have purchased a knife like this without their customer support. I cannot say enough good things about Tokushu. Ask Tony if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever. You will not be disappointed.

Tokushu Custom Rosewood Handle with Blonde Ferrule

Fantastic gyuto

I am very impressed with the value and performance of this knife. Fit and finish is great. It easily took a scary sharp edge. It may be my new favorite knife. This knife’s performance is akin to an Ashi Ginga for roughly half the price.

Also the handle I picked out (ebony with a ferrule) fits great. It seems that the knife was balanced perfectly during handle installation, which is a great touch.

If anyone is reading this that may be considering this knife, pull the trigger. It is absolutely worth the money at the ~$100 range. If you don’t sharpen knives I would recommend getting the sharpening service offered, as the knife needed touched up out of the box.

Favorite cleaver

Perfect project cleaver. I’m loving the steel, was looking for something with a little more edge retention then my ck and flatter then my sugi. This fits the bill perfectly, definitely keeps that biting edge longer. The steel is super tough too! I accidentally gave my tongs a good whack and to my surprise there was almost no edge deformation! Literally LESS then a hairs width of micro chipping, and that was after ruining out the edge a good bit! Favorite cleaver so far

Great shop for Japanese knives

Great shop. Has rare items. The best part, though is the excellent service.

A princely blade!

Now I understand why Fujiwara Denkas get so much love. This knife just falls through food. Ridiculously sharp out of the box and aesthetically stunning despite a somewhat rustic appearance. This is the kind of knife that, every time you use it, reminds you why you fell in love with Japanese knives.