Hatsukokoro Shirasagi Blue #2 Kurouchi Single bevel Japanese Knife Series

The Hatsukokoro Shirasagi Kurouchi Blue #2 is a beautifully crafted line of single bevel knives that are the result of a collaboration between Toru Tamura and Tateo Myojin . Forged with precision and passion, these knives are made from Blue #2 steel, also known as Aogami #2, a material known for its superior edge retention and the ability to take a more acute edge. .

The knives feature a distinctive Kurouchi finish, which is the scaly residue left from the forging process. This residue works as a coating on the carbon steel to prevent rust, and it gives the knife a very characterful, rustic aesthetic that is highly prized by knife enthusiasts..

The Shirasagi ("egret") knives are known for their smooth Kasumi finish, adding to their appeal. The single bevel makes these knives suitable for right-handed users only.

A noteworthy feature of these knives is the double forging Ni-Mai Uchi construction. In this method, cladding is applied only on the cutting edge side of the blade, while the back side (Ura) is made of hard steel (Hagane). This construction results in a distinctive feel and performance that is appreciated by chefs and knife connoisseurs alike.

This collection is an embodiment of the excellent design and finish that Hatsukokoro is known for. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, these knives will bring a touch of elegance and superior performance to your culinary experience.

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