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Rika 5K whetstone.

This is my second Rika 5K stone. It’s a fantastic product. I love the feedback of the stone. I will forever have one in my lineup.

Good knife at an affordable price

Good knife at an affordable price to get started in the world of hand-forged knives.

Amazing - worth value

For what it is I have absolutely no complaints, one side was slightly longer with the leather than other side and that’s fine with me. Can’t wait to use my Stropping Compound on it.

Nice knife for the price

I really like the rustic look. There was a bit of an imperfection in the steel near the handle of the one we got, but it adds to the character I feel. It cuts well out of the box, and is comfortable in the hand.


Solid piece for the price

Blade Guards
Larrie LaVoy
Nakiri, pro sharpening, blade guard ...all great

After a little order snafu that was corrected promptly I am very satisfied with the knife, blade guard and service from Tokushu.

Great Customer Service

The knife is great. Thin behind the edge and sharp out of the box. More importantly, I just wanted to say that the folks here have gone above and beyond in terms of customer service. These folks really care about making sure you get what you want.

Rustic, but killer grind and cutting

Shindo is a sleeper hit who is becoming known in some circles for these rustic blades. It's gonna be a little rough around the edges, the hammering may look rough and uneven in some spots, but it's all minor details compared to how the knife cuts. This knife slices admirably well with a respectably thin edge, and you will be shocked that a knife this reasonably priced can cut this well.

I paired this with the Tokushu Rosewood / Ebony handle. It matches the darker aesthetic of the blade, fits well, and was well crafted. Overall a great little combo and this blacksmith should be someone to consider if you don't mind the rustic nature!

Excellent Customer Service

The knife stand is great, but what really stands out is the customer service!

Scary Sharp.

When I touched the edge of my knife’s for the first time, all I could think of was how scary sharp they were. The first cut I made with them was cutting the ends off some Asparagus I just picked and it sliced them off with no effort at all. It blew me away. I was not ready for that. Just amazing. Thanks Zack.

Sharpening service

Arm hair shaving sharp.

Amazing knife!!

i got promoted recently and wanted to treat myself to a new knife,the guys at tokushu took care of me. they added a maple turquoise handle and a matching saya. i own a shindo bunka as my first carbon steel and adore it. shindo knives are cost effective, cuts like a laser and has solid food release. only downside is they feel delicate and light weight. i was a extremely happy when i unboxed the nakiri. the nakiri is more of a tall nakiri and has more length to it then most standard nakiris with solid heft. its exactly what i was looking for.

Twice As Satisfied!

My second knife from Tokushu and I'm twice as satisfied.

The first one was a Yu Kurosaki Fujin petty knife. Killer. Great looks. Great blade. Great buying experience.

So, why twice as satisfied? Well, my second knife was a Masakage Koishi Gyuto. Unbelievably great knife. Same great price. Same great service.

Tokushu has great prices, great service, fast shipping, a great selection and the team is top shelf. You can't go wrong.


Definitely the best knife I've ever owned


I am so pleased with my NAKAGAWA X MORIHIRO Blue #1 Damascus 180mm Bunka purchase. As it did not have a handle, I chose to purchase a Tokushu custom horn handle. It not only looks amazing, but the added weight of the horn pairs wonderfully with the heavier, wide-bevel style bunka. I am thrilled with the fit and finish and would recommend Tokushu to others moving forward.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)
Michael Hagen
beautiful knife

I absolutely love this knife and the nose job makes it even better!


Packed well and received fast. Beautiful knife

Denka delight

super sharp, super workmanship

Excellent workhorse

People like to rag on Moritakas for not being the absolute “laseriest” knife out there but there is so much good with this knife.

First the food release is amazing, second it feels amazing to use and hold, third it gets extremely sharp and has not needed to be resharpened at all since I first touched it up. Can’t recommend moritaka enough to people who are looking to get into Japanese knives and want a reliable performer that holds its edge extremely well while not being overly unforgiving.

Knife is amazing, cuts like a laser beam. 5 stars is for the customer service, Tony is amazing and cares deeply for his customers.

Great product

Works like a dream

It is a small gem !!

This is my second Takamura Chromax Santoku 170mm knife.
Simple design.
Very light patina.
Thin blade. Holds the edge.
I got the first Takamura Chromax Santoku about 14 months ago from a Tokushu knife shop. The handle is black.
The Tokushu knife shop usually sends the knives out well prepared.
It has been used at home on a daily basis. Only stropped (often). The edge is still very sharp.

It is a small gem !!

Best carbon steel knife under $100

So out of the box it had an ok edge wich lasted longer than most of my more expinsive knives, once i put an razor sharp edge on it it lasted longer than expected prossesing 80lbs of chicken, 40lbs of pork, and planty of vegitables before wanting to hono the edge again, and even still cut paper lake any of the shelf knife would, hands down one of my new fav knife brands!