Suehiro Cerax 1010: Medium #1000 Grit Ceramic Whetstone Tokushu Knife.

Suehiro Cerax 1010: Medium #1000 Grit Ceramic Whetstone

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Suheiro Cerax 1000grit Whetstone

What whetstone should I buy? What whetstones do I need? Suehiro, a top brand in whetstones, offers an excellent solution with the Cerax 1000grit. This whetstone comes with a stand and a small nagura stone, providing everything you need to sharpen your knives. After a quick soak, it's ready to restore the edge on any knife.

Recognized for its unbeatable quality and value as a medium stone, the Cerax 1000 is highly regarded within the professional sharpeners' community. It's an excellent choice if you prefer a soaking stone.

Measurements: 8.07” x 2.87” x 1.14”

Customer Reviews

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Ethan W
Great Value Whetstone. One of the best 1000 Grits around

This is the best value 1000 grit whetstone available. It's great for beginners due to its low cost, wide surface area, and white color that shows how much metal is being removed. And it's great for experienced sharpeners as well since it can handle 99% of kitchen knife steels from soft german knives to hard Japanese powder metallurgy steel knives and everything in between. Not to mention the feedback while sharpening feels great and is a pleasure to use. You'll understand once you buy it and use it. When I'm in a rush to sharpen a dull knife, this Cerax 1000 followed by a quick strop using either some green chromium oxide on balsa wood or the fancier diamond paste on leather brings any japanese knife back to arm hair popping sharp.


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