Leather Strop by Tokushu Knife - Premium Black
Premium  Strop Block Tokushu Knife.
Leather Strop by Tokushu Knife - Premium Black

Leather Strop by Tokushu Knife - Premium Black

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Leather Strops - Premium Black

Leather strops are an essential part of your Japanese knife maintenance routine. Why use a strop for Japanese knives? Because it's the safest way to maintain an extremely sharp edge between sharpening sessions. It also protects your knife; ceramic rods can chip your knife, and steel rods are too soft to sharpen your knife.

Why a Strop Block?

Why choose this strop? A 3" x 8" strop block is a good choice if you sharpen your knives on whetstones. This allows you to maintain the same angle and stroke as you do when sharpening your edges. Remember, edge trailing, or gently stropping the knife away from the apex, will remove microscopic pieces of the edge, breaking down and restoring your blade to its laser-like glory. Can I use the strop by itself? Yes! On its own, a strop will help realign and maintain your edge between sharpenings. However, we strongly recommend adding on our 2-micron strop shots. Why 2 micron? You can really get crazy with strop shots, but anything below 1 micron is really for razor honing and sharpening. 2 micron leaves and refreshes a nice bite back to your blade.


  • Overall Length: 8 inches (204mm)
  • Leather Area: 3" x 8" inches (78mm x 204mm) - this may vary slightly
  • Full Weight: 308 grams
  • Materials: Black Cow leather, Bamboo base, rubber non- slip bottom

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Benjamin Diaz (diazdistributors)

Great item well made quality leather

Rodrigo Cardoso
Nothing short of perfect!

This strop block is what I was missing in my sharpening process. Love the rubber on the bottom which makes it really easy to just quickly place on a counter top and strop. I’ve been enjoying finishing all of my knives on this for a razor sharp edge. Also, Tokushu has the best customer service out there - they’ll take good care of you. A++++ from me, thanks!


Great block from a great company!

Jason T
Leather Strops Make a Huge Difference

After I sharpen my kitchen knives, I test the sharpness by trying to shave hair off my arm. Maybe it's my technique, but even after a 6k stone, my knives just glide over my arm hair. Then I discovered stropping on leather and after a couple passes on the leather, hair just pops off my arm. I don't know how leather stropping works, but I can't argue with the results. Plus this strop is smartly done with the leather on a thick piece of wood and rubber pad on the bottom.


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