Tokushu SLD 150mm Tsuchime Honesuki

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Tokushu Knife SLD Honesuki

We are excited to offer our line of SLD knives, designed for both professional chefs and home cooks who seek to elevate their boning knife experience. The Honesuki knife is specifically crafted for deboning meat and poultry.

SLD: A Tough Semi-Stainless Steel

SLD steel is a robust semi-stainless version of D2 tool steel, optimized for kitchen knives. It offers low maintenance, decent edge retention, ease of sharpening, and enhanced toughness compared to traditional steels.

Cladding and Maintenance

The semi-stainless cladding requires minimal maintenance. It's recommended to dry the knife before storage to avoid light staining, which can be easily cleaned. This makes the knife suitable for busy kitchen environments.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Each knife features our "Tokushu Knife" Kanji and is equipped with high-quality handles made by local craftsmen in Sanjo, Japan, offering exceptional quality and design.


  • Length: 295mm
  • Weight: 112g
  • Edge Length: 155mm
  • Heel Height: 40mm
  • Thickness at Spine: 3.3mm at heel with a forged taper
  • Steel Type: Semi-Stainless SLD
  • HRC: 62
  • Cladding: Tsuchime hammered semi-stainless
  • Bevel: Double Bevel
  • Handle: Rosewood and Ebony
  • Manufacturer: Tadafusa and local Sanjo craftsmen

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Parma
Tokushu SLD 150mm Tsuchime Honesuki?

Great knife wonderful sevice

James Madden
SLD Honeski

I’ve been wanting to purchase a Honesuki for awhile now. A wide variety of choices accompany the wide variety of prices.
I contacted Zach at Tokushu and explained my need and asked for his opinion.
Without hesitation he recommended the SLD.
I already owned a 240 Gyuto, and I love the knife.
Fast shipping brought it to me in a short period of time. Perfect weight and quality right ootb. It’s wicked sharp and cuts through a bird like it was made from butter.

Matt Lopez
Tokushu honesuki

I got this knife to run butcher and breakdown proteins. I enjoyed the fact it was semi stainless so I wasn’t gonna have to do lots of cleaning maintenance and drying as whole. Don’t let it’s size fool you this guy is a beast. It has a nice hammer marking tschuime and handle is a nice feel and fits the price point. I don’t often go super crazy with knives that are solely for raw fabrication. OOTB edge was a solid 8.8/10. While I knew it could get sharper I wanted to see how the edge retention was . In 6 weeks it has broken down over 700 pounds of filet tenderloins, frenched over 40 Tomahawks ribeye bones. Performed small line task. Last but not least this little guy broke down 2 red stag and 4 axis before I dulled it to a point that daily stropping wasn’t gonna help and the edge bush from brushing on large bones needed to be addressed. After 4 shifts of cutting and the Frenching 10 tomahawks it needed daily strop with 1 micron paste. And until the 6 full carcasses was holding on strong. It could if benefited from a sharpening but again goal was edge retention.
I pulled the atoma and ground down the edge push . Nano hone 200 got a little bit of thinning going to reset some geometry . Nano 400 reset bevel , cerax and rika 5k was the progression. Stropping on hard leather had me pushing through napkins again. It feels sharper than day one and has held a decent edge thus far. I would happily buy this again especially for a knife you want to run through the ringer


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