HATSUKOKORO Shirasagi Kurochi Aogami #2 330mm Yanagiba (No Handle)

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HATSUKOKORO Shirasagi Kurochi Aogami #2 330mm Yanagiba (No Handle)

Unleash Culinary Mastery with the Hatsukokoro Shirasagi Kurochi Aogami #2 330mm Yanagiba - The Epitome of High-End Japanese Kitchen Cutlery

About the Shape

The Yanagiba, translating to "willow leaf," is the jewel in the crown of sushi knives. Its single-bevel blade, honed to a razor-thin edge, empowers sushi chefs to execute precision cuts for raw fish slices. This unique design, tailored for pull cutting, ensures minimal disturbance to the protein structure, delivering flawless, glossy slices every time.

About the Steel

Aogami or Blue Paper Steel #2 is a complex steel cherished by knife artisans for its remarkable sharpness retention. This is attributed to the presence of tungsten and chromium within the steel. With an HRC rating of 62, it's engineered to provide exceptional sharpness for precise cuts, making it a valuable addition to your high-end Japanese kitchen cutlery collection.

Knife Specs

  • Steel: Aogami #2 (Blue 2)
  • HRC: 62
  • Edge Length: 330mm
  • Height at heel: 42mm
  • Spine thickness above heel: 4.95mm
  • Weight: [grams] (Please note, due to the handmade nature of the product, dimensions may vary)
  • Handle: [No Handle]

CLICK HERE for custom handles that fit this knife.

Additional Specs

  • Shape: Yanagiba
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Cladding: Iron Cladding
  • Construction: Single Bevel
  • Knife Line: Hatsukokoro Shirasagi Kurochi
  • Maker: Hatsukokoro
  • Blacksmith: Hatsukokoro Craftsmen from Tosa Region
  • Sharpener: Tateo Myojin
  • Place of Origin: Tosa, Kōchi

The Hatsukokoro Shirasagi Kurochi Aogami #2 330mm Yanagiba is a testament to the harmonious blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern metallurgy. This knife, a masterpiece in the realm of high-end Japanese kitchen cutlery, does not include a handle, offering you the freedom to customize it to your personal preferences.

Caring for Your Knife

This is a carbon steel blade, and therefore requires special care to prevent rusting and oxidation. By ensuring proper maintenance, you can preserve the blade's sharpness and quality, making it a lifetime companion in your culinary journey.

Why Choose High-End Japanese Kitchen Cutlery?

Japanese knives, renowned for their sharpness, precision, and durability, are the preferred choice of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike. The Hatsukokoro Shirasagi Kurochi Aogami #2 330mm Yanagiba, with its superior craftsmanship and performance, is a worthy investment for anyone seeking to elevate their culinary skills.

Invest in the Hatsukokoro Shirasagi Kurochi Aogami #2 330mm Yanagiba today and experience the difference of high-end Japanese kitchen cutlery.

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