Yukihiro Sakai Hinokuni White #1 210mm Gyuto Tokushu Knife.

Yukihiro Sakai Hinokuni White #1 210mm Gyuto

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Yukihiro Sakai is a young blacksmith who was trained under Nishida-san of Nishida Knives. With his knowledge of working on one of the purest forms of fine grain high-carbon steels (White steel #1), he has applied this to his own handmade crafted knives.

Very few blacksmiths create their own crafting materials, Yukihiro-san does. He puts in laborious work in doing so because he believes it makes a difference in the end product. He understands the importance of proper technique to limit carbon migration from the core steel to the iron cladding. These are the same reasons Takeda and Moritaka Hamono are famous, for understanding and applying this concept.

As such, Yukihiro Sakai uses White (Shirogami) Steel #1 for his kitchen knives. White #1 might be highly reactive, but it is unmatched for its sharpness.

These knives are hefty and forward heavy and most definitely a workhorse grind.

A 210mm gyuto is by far one of our most popular knife styles and length. Whether you are a home cook or a busy on the line professional chef, there's just something about 210mm that fits the sweet spot for most. Kind of like having a shoe that's half a size larger so when you decide to put on a warmer pair of socks, the shoe still fits seamlessly. To tie it back to knives, what we mean is, 210mm is a very versatile length which belongs in any kitchen!

Length: 348mm (13.6 in.)
Weight: 144 g (5.1 oz)
Edge Length: 210 mm (8.25 in.)
Heel Height: 44 mm
Steel Type: Shirogami #1
HRC: 62-63
Cladding: Soft Iron
Bevel: Double
Handle: Cherry Oval with Plastic Ferrule


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