TOKUSHU KNIFE White #2 Stainless Clad Tsuchime Gyuto 210mm with Rosewood wa Handle

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We know you probably come to our website to explore brands you've heard about elsewhere that are well established like Takeda, Nakagawa, TF and so forth. Well, it's time we build a reputation for ourselves by offering our own brand of knives, Tokushu brand, made by Tsunehisa.

Shirogami (white) steel is one of the sharpest and purest carbon steels you can own, in a Japanese kitchen knife. Which is why we are using white #2 steel for the core of this Tokushu line, giving you an incredibly high performance knife, with a little less reactivity than white #1 and minimal impact on sharpness. To pair this beauty up, we have a kurouchi finish to protect the blade above the shinogi. All our Tokushu line knives, have our very own kanji stamped into the blade. So start filling your knife block with these well priced knives and spread the word, Tokushu sells its own knives too!

A 210mm gyuto is by far one of our most popular knife styles and lengths. Whether you are a home cook or a busy on the line professional chef, there's just something about 210mm that fits the sweet spot for most. Kind of like having a shoe that's half a size larger so when you decide to put on a warmer pair of socks, the shoe still fits seamlessly. To tie it back to knives, what we mean is, 210mm is a very versatile length which belongs in any kitchen!

  • Brand: Tokushu Knife
  • Location: Tosa, Japan
  • Line: Tokushu white #2
  • Core Steel: White (Shirogami) #2
  • Construction: San Mai laminate
  • Finish: Tsuchime (ball-peen hammered)
  • Cladding: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Gyuto
  • Blade Length: 210mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel: 
  • Blade Height: 47mm
  • HRC: 62
  • Handle: Rosewood and ebony

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Maria Downer

    It was great!!! Thank you for for adding some Christmas spirit to the gift note. He loved his gift immensely!!

    So good.

    After using this knife for about a couple of months, I am blown away by how good it is. Fit, finish, performance- it's all there in spades, and the value is just unbelievable. I of course added Mr. Peters' sharpening service (just do it!) And the edge will cut standing hair and hasn't needed any attention. This knife would be a deal at a significantly higher price- and as of this writing is on sale making it a no-brainer. It handles so well- nimble, but substantial enough to do anything you SHOULD be doing and more. Simply put, it's easily one of the best purchases I've ever made. (And a shout out to customer service- always absolutely top-notch) Thanks Fellas!

    Kyle W
    Excellent steel, subpar handle - Updated

    Update - I'm pleased to provide an updated review, as Tokushu took the initiative to address the issues I previously mentioned regarding the handle's rough finish and jagged edges. Tokushu sent me a new knife with a much better handle, and I'm happy to report that the improvements have made a significant difference in my overall experience.

    In terms of performance, the knife's steel quality and sharpness remain top-notch. It has maintained its edge remarkably well, and I continue to be impressed with its cutting ability.

    Tokushu's commitment to customer satisfaction by addressing the handle issue is commendable. It's clear that they take feedback seriously and are dedicated to improving their products.

    Purchased this knife recently and am very impressed with the steel quality and finish. However, the handle’s finish is very rough and is extremely jagged at the area where the handle meets steel.


    Seems like a great knife, quite beautiful and sized great for all around kitchen work.

    I. V.
    You can't go wrong with this knife!

    If you've used аTsunehisa knife before, you already know what to expect. This is a beautiful knife.
    Very light - 150 g
    The wooden handle ensures a good grip.
    The beautifully hammered finish allows the food not to stick. It won't cause the food to separate, but it won't stick to the blade and can be easily removed by hand.
    The blade is stupid sharp out of the box.
    I used it mostly for cutting veggies, some meat and even slicing bread. With this knife I was able to get the job both easily and effortlessly done.

    Fantastic all purpose knife. You can't go wrong with it!


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