Moribashi plating chopsticks 180m with ebony handles in a red display case.

Moribashi Plating Chopsticks 180mm with Ebony Handles

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Unleash your culinary creativity with our 180mm Moribashi, complemented by a premium ebony handle. This iconic tool exemplifies a seamless fusion of superior functionality and exquisite elegance.

At the heart of Japanese cuisine, the Moribashi is treasured by chefs globally for its pivotal role in precise plating and detailed garnishing. This versatile instrument brings the intricate sophistication of Japanese cuisine to your dishes, elevating your gastronomic offerings to stunning works of art.

Our 180mm Moribashi is engineered with an unwavering focus on quality, aligning with the high expectations of professional chefs and the passionate ambitions of home cooks. The stainless steel tip ensures robust durability and provides pinpoint control, making the manipulation of delicate ingredients an effortless task.

The premium ebony handle is the star attraction of this utensil. Radiating timeless charm, it offers a comfortable, balanced grip, adding a touch of classic sophistication to your culinary toolkit.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 180mm
  • Steel: Stainless
  • Handle Material: Premium Ebony

Dive into the world of haute cuisine with our 180mm Moribashi with Premium Ebony Handle – the epitome of Japanese culinary craftsmanship at its finest.

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