Tetsujin Hamono Blue #2 Kasumi 180mm Nakiri Blade Only

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Tetsujin Hamono is a brand bringing two highly skilled individuals together. Naohito Myojin as the sharpener, also the current sharpener behind the Konosuke Fujiyama FM line. And Toru Tamura as the smith. Together their products are typically quite 'showy' in terms of steel, most popular for their "Metal Flow", as well as provide the user with gorgeous well executed finishes thanks to Myojin-san.

For those that have been in the Japanese kitchen knife business for a while, there is something particular about pairing blue (aogami) steel #2 with the ethereal finish of kasumi. Here, the kasumi is on soft carbon steel meaning it will change, fade, and react over time to create patterns so beautiful you'll think them mirages. See what I did there? Ethereal, mirages, throwing in all the big words. That's because these knives are worth throwing in the big words.

This is among the second batch of nakiri's Tetsujin Hamono has made! Get them while you can. A nakiri will quickly become your go to vegetable prep knife. The flat surface along the length of the cutting edge means you can say goodbye to accordion cuts. Most nakiris sit at 165mm so consider yourself lucky to now have an extra 15mm for a total of 180mm of veggie cutting prep machine. Will you notice the extra 15mm? Absolutely! Pick one up and find out for yourself.

This wonderful blade comes with no handle.

So ↓


Spine: 3.26mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 140g
Handle: None

Customer Reviews

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Doing business in this day and age is at best, platonic. People no longer seem to care about their customers merely how much profit can I make on the item with the least amount of interaction from the seller.
Enter Tokushu knife. These gentlemen genuinely care about making certain what they recommend will not only meet your expectations they’re not truly happy until they exceed them.

Thanks once again guys.


You're missing out if you have tried this steel!

Craig Bonnett
Nakiri 180mm

So I was talking with Zach and Tony awhile ago. When I mentioned to Tony I needed a great Nakiri knife!
So in august he told me that these awesome blades from two different amazing talents, would be coming in . So I waited for something special and let me say this ..! Tony and Zach are both absolutely awesome and amazing..! There customers service is always awesome. The knowledgeable two always give awesome advice and help. I received my knife two days ago now. I had 12 hours of prep work to bang out yesterday. So I used this Nakiri knife all day long .. after returning home I washed it all up really good and oiled it up nice and dry ..! The prism of color that is coming over the blade is absolutely perfect and stunningly gorgeous..!! I can’t wait to see how well this knife will age and the performance is razor sharp..!! I was able to get all my stuff done and with perfect performance and precision..!
Thanks for a wonderful and awesome knife again guys ..!! Looking forward to business with you soon..!
Cheers and happy holidays..!!


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