Satoshi Nakagawa Shirogami Abura Honyaki Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm No Handle - Tokushu Knife
Satoshi Nakagawa Shirogami Abura Honyaki Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm No Handle - Tokushu Knife
Satoshi Nakagawa Shirogami Abura Honyaki Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm No Handle

Satoshi Nakagawa Shirogami Abura Honyaki Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm No Handle

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Satoshi Nakagawa: Crafting the Honyaki

Satoshi Nakagawa is one of the most skilled blacksmiths in the world. It takes many years to master the technique to forge a honyaki, which is the same Japanese sword makers have used for centuries.

The Best of Kitchen Knives: Honyaki

Taking centuries to perfect the design, a honyaki is arguably the best kitchen knife you can buy. The best blacksmiths and sharpeners in Japan work together to forge these works of art from a single piece of pure carbon steel.

White Steel Abura Honyaki: Value and Quality

The white steel abura honyaki is the best value of all honyaki knives. Blue #1 Mizu honyaki can cost twice as much as white steel abura honyaki because of the high failure rate. The higher cost doesn't make it "better" it is just different, and depends on which qualities you value in a knife.

Strength and Forgiveness in Design

This particular model is the toughest traditional honyaki model, making it easier to sharpen, and less prone to chipping. It is not as hard high carbon models, but with that comes some flexibility and forgiveness during use. If the handles you see don't suit you- message us and we can help pick the perfect handle that compliments your ultimate knife.

To learn more about Honyaki Knives- click here for Wikipedia's Hoyaki Description 


  • Blacksmith: Satoshi Nakagawa
  • Sharpener: Morihiro
  • Location: Sakai, Japan
  • Knife type: gyuto
  • Finish: full mirror
  • Construction type: abura-honyaki
  • Steel category: carbon
  • Steel type: Hitachi shirogami #3 (white #3)
  • Hamon: Wave Pattern

Customer Reviews

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Marc Roy
Unbelievably sharp and beautiful

This knife is simply amazing. Probably the sharpest knife I’ve ever had, especially right out of the box. Just as important, Tony and Zach are committed to amazing customer service and I would not have purchased a knife like this without their customer support. I cannot say enough good things about Tokushu. Ask Tony if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever. You will not be disappointed.


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