Dao Vua V3 52100 Carbon Steel 240mm Gyuto

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Dao Vua V3 52100 Carbon Steel 240mm Gyuto

Dao Vua is a Vietnamese blacksmith cooperative born in 2016. When they first began, barefooted blacksmiths were using handheld angle grinders, buffers, and recycled leaf springs to make knives. Seven years later, Dao Vua has improved significantly from those days in every way. They now employ a proper workshop setup while continuing to adhere to traditional Vietnamese practices in blacksmithing and make use of higher quality materials such as imported 52100. Today, Dao Vua offers some of the best bang for your buck on the market.

52100 steel is a high carbon steel originally developed for bearings over 100 years ago, but is also great for knives. Boasting good edge retention and great sharpenability alongside ease of workability, it is no wonder it has been a popular steel among knifemakers for decades - there is even evidence of recycled 52100 steel being used in cutlery as far back as the 1940s!

Product Specifications:

  • Maker: Dao Vua
  • Steel: 52100 Bearing Steel
  • HRC: 61
  • Finish: Kurouchi
  • Edge Length: 240mm
  • Overall Length: 393mm
  • Heel Height: 49mm
  • Spine Above Heel: 2.35mm
  • Bevel: 50/50
  • Handle: Wa Shape Handle
  • Weight: 182 grams

Dao Vua Sharpening Service

To complement your purchase, we highly recommend our professional Dao Vua Sharpening Service. Our expert team ensures each knife achieves an exceptionally perfect edge. This service guarantees a razor-sharp edge right out of the box, enhancing your culinary experience. When you order a Dao Vua knife from us, it is guaranteed to arrive sharp and ready for immediate use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeremy Finkenstadt

DAO VUA V3 52100 Kurouchi Gyuto 240mm Wa Handle

Great budget project knife

This knife is relatively cheap in the world of kitchen knives. It seems to bring the customer savings the knife is sent out a little rough without the luxury refinements of more expensive knives. What you get though is the perfect base for a project knife that can be refined to perform like a much more expensive knife. With a little thinning, rounding / polishing of the spine and choil this knife begins to punch WAY above its price point. I need more time with this steel to form a more comprehensive opinion, but I can say it feels great on the stones and deburrs extremely easily! This knife with this steel is probably one of the top 3 for a project knife IMO. The steel also doesnt seem too reactive from my limited experience (less reactive than blues and whites, maybe similar to AS).

In full disclosure, I did experience some quench line issues with one of the Dao Vua 52100 knives I received, however with that said, the company Tokushu went ABOVE and BEYOND to solve the issue and make sure I was not only satisfied buy happy as well. They advised the issue has been addressed with Dao vua and are moving to a deeper quench process going forward. Ive always been impressed with Dao Vua products and price points, but Tokushus commitment to customer satisfaction is what really shines here. Great communication every step of the way.


It’s a decent project knife 🤷‍♂️ Edge looked like a busted picket fence out of the box. We’ll see how it holds


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