Kyohei Shindo Warikomi Blue #2 Kurouchi 165mm Nakiri with Keyaki Wa Handle and Plastic Ferrule

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 Not all blacksmiths dreamt of being a blacksmith. Hokkaido born Kyohei Shindo however, dreamt of being a blacksmith from a young age and accomplished just that by opening up his own shop in Tosa city, in Kōchi prefecture by age 32.

His knives are characterized by having a tapering spine yet incredibly thin cutting edge, and a Tosa lacquered kurouchi finish. For the price, the out of box edge and performance of a knife like this is seldom beat.

The Nakiri is one of Shindo-san's most sought after blades. It is tall, has a hammered in mild S grind for food release, and one of the thinnest grind available. This knife is not for the beginner. Its delicate edge will pass through food like it doesn't exist. With proper care, this knife will serve you very well. 

Blacksmith: Kyohei Shindo

Location: Tosa, Japan

Grind: Even

Steel: Aogami #2

Cladding: Iron

Finish: Blacksmiths Kurouchi

Handle: Keyaki with plastic ferrule

Spine thickness: 4.5mm with blacksmith taper to tip

Blade Length: 165mm 

Blade Height: 53.4mm

Weight: 134g



Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kyohei Shindo Blue #2 Nakiri

This is the one. This right here is the best grind I have seen at this price point, BY FAR. Absolute laser, extremely thin behind the edge. Id say it competes with my Shibata Koutetsu BTE wise, with no extra thinning needed. Ive only heard good things about Kyohei Shindos heat treat of his blue 2. I haven't taken this one to the stones yet as it came with a very nice edge out of the box. Ill update the review once I have more experience with it.


felt very very comfy in the hand with a new handle, the sharpest knife ive ever used. very very satisfied

Best knife under 100$ (performance wise), probably even under 200$

Every nice and thin grind that makes an excellent knife but the fit and finish is very rough, can be somewhat fixed with some sandpaper and maybe a new handle. Better preforming than takamura but it’s not stainless and more delicate.


Very thin behind the edge and one of the best preforming knives I have, the likes of yoshikane, shibata and myojins. Can’t wait to see more of the maker

Mixed Impressions- Still a great value

I'll preface this by saying, this is my second Kyohei Shindo knife purchased from Tokushu. My expectations this time around were on point, and I'm very pleased.

Knives at this price point come with compromises, no two ways about it.
IMO where Shindo-san shines, is successfully funneling time and cost saving decisions (the bad) into areas that don't necessarily affect functionality. These have super high performance where it matters; On the cutting board.

Very thin bevel, nice heat treat, great cutter out of the box with some very light touch-up. It's not winning any beauty contests, but as a <$200 blade, it's a definite winner.


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