Teruyasu Fujiwara Denka Aogami Super Gyuto 195mm Wa Handle

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Master Fujiwara is globally acclaimed for creating not only stunning knives, but incredibly high-performance knives. His work has a rustic fit and finish which for those keen on wanting to learn how to polish a spine or choil, is even better given you'll end up with a high-performance knife and a new set of skills.

His Denka line is the crême de la crême and represents the pinnacle of his craftsmanship. Every Denka line knife is made with his own proprietary Aogami Super steel which is hand forged in house. With a steel he tempers between 65-67 HRC, any knife from the Denka line is sure to retain a screaming sharp edge for a very long time.

What's more? With an attractive kurouchi finish and a hand-hammered (tsuchime) pattern, his Denka line knives are not only high performers but very easy on the eyes.

If you get the opportunity to score a Denka with his signature finger notch, you are set and using the knife will be that much more comfortable.

At 195mm, a peculiar size for a gyuto, the user who reaches for this knife is one who wants a knife longer than the typical 165mm santoku but shorter than the average 210mm gyuto. Making this length extremely versatile yet nimble.

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  • Length: 344 mm (13.45 in.)
  • Weight: 146 g (5.2 oz)
  • Edge Length: 195 mm
  • Heel Height: 52.5 mm
  • Steel Type: Aogami Super
  • HRC: 65-67
  • Cladding: Stainless
  • Bevel: Double Bevel
  • Handle: Octagonal

Customer Reviews

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195mm Denka Gyuto

The heat treatment on the aogami super is unmatched and it’s _so_ thin behind the edge. I chose the 195mm length since I’m a home cook usually working in a confined space and wanted something to complement my 210-240mm gyutos and my shorter petties. This fit the bill.

The fit and finish do leave a bit to be desired. I know it’s a Fujiwara “trademark” and I almost docked a star for it - at this pricepoint there are others that take the time to round the edges and create a premium experience. Maybe they even add a special handle.

But I think that’s what I like most about this knife: it’s no-nonsense. It’s made to cut food well and it does a phenomenal job of it. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else - the kurouchi finish isn’t flashy - it means business. The “notch” felt like a gimmick but I actually really like it!

Maybe this isn’t a “perfect” knife. but it’s really, really good. The fit-and-finish isn’t what you might from other makers in this price range, but you can do some work to make it better. Or just revel in the amazing core steel and grind that Fujiwara provides. Wow does this knife cut.

Mine measures 198mm and 147g.


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