Dao Vua V3 52100 Carbon Steel 165mm Bunka

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DAO VUA V3 52100 Bunka 165mm with Wa Handle


Among those who explore beyond Japanese-made kitchen knives, the brand Dao Vua is often a name encountered on the internet. Originating from Hanoi, Vietnam, Dao Vua knives are impressively handcrafted by barefoot Vietnamese bladesmiths, using what they term as leaf spring steel, essentially recycled materials. Despite their humble and sustainable production process, these knives stand out due to their high build quality and sharpness, offered at a very affordable price point. However, they require careful maintenance, as being carbon steel with a kurouchi finish, they oxidize easily.

Dao Vua has introduced its third iteration "V3", to address concerns regarding the consistency of their final products, made from recycled materials. The V3 line now sources 52100 carbon steel from the US, ensuring the uniformity and quality of the finished product. A Bunka knife can be seen as a flatter bellied santoku with a k-tip (reverse tanto), useful for precision cuts and push/pull cutting over rock chopping. At 165mm, it's a versatile and comfortable size for most hands.

Knife Specs:

Brand: Dao Vua
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Line: V3
Steel: 52100
Construction: Monosteel
Finish: Kurouchi
Cladding: N/A
Style: Bunka
Blade Length: 165mm
Overall Length: 310mm
Spine: 2mm at heel
Blade Height: 47mm at heel
Weight: 130g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian Breeden
Just OK

I have had this knife for several months now. I honestly expected it to be higher quality. The blade is a bit warped, the bevel is not even and the glue from the handle is a bit sloppy. The knife is sharp, I do like the blade shape and design, but coming from the Chinese pocket knife world, I think there is a lot of room for improvement. I wish I had spent an extra 30 or 40 dollars and gotten something nicer.

Adam Ireland

DAO VUA V3 52100 Bunka 165mm with Wa Handle


Great knife great shipping and customer service

dao vua v3 bunka…

honestly, i’m a little disappointed. i have a dao vua 210 mm gyuto that i am very happy w/. i’ve had it for years & it was the main reason i bought the bunka. the bunka looks good & is at a good price point. i expected the bunka to eventually form a patina, but i didn’t expect the new v3 carbon steel to react the first time i used the blade! my gyuto has yet to react. the bunka is a little lighter than i expected weight wise, the spine a little thinner & the blade came less sharp than i’d hoped for, but i’m okay w/ those design differences. still, i’d recommend this bunka to anyone who’s interested in getting started w/ japanese cutlery…


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