Dao Vua Special Edition 52100 Carbon Steel 210mm Kiritsuke/Gyuto - Ebony and Brass Wa Handle

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Daovua Special Edition Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm

Brand Legacy: Dao Vua, a brand emerging from Hanoi, Vietnam, has gained popularity with its unique approach to knife making. The knives are handcrafted by Vietnamese bladesmiths began using recycled leaf spring steel, balancing affordability with impressive build quality and sharpness.

Knife Characteristics: The Special Edition features a solid ebony handle with a decorative brass ferrule. It is crafted from 52100 Carbon Steel, known for its excellence in kitchen knife making. Each knife is finely tuned by our professional sharpening service before shipment, ensuring top-notch performance straight out of the box.

Design and Functionality: Embodying the essence of traditional Japanese cuisine knives, the kiritsuke is often considered the master of all knives. This particular model is a double-bevel version, versatile for various culinary tasks, from mincing garlic to oblique cutting scallions.

Maintenance Advice: As with all carbon steel knives, particularly those with a kurouchi finish, careful maintenance is crucial. These knives sharpen easily but are also prone to oxidation, requiring diligent care to keep them dry and in optimal condition.

Customer-First Evolution: Dao Vua has continually adapted to customer feedback, refining their products to meet the needs and expectations of a discerning market.

Dao Vua Sharpening Service

To complement your purchase, we highly recommend our professional Dao Vua Sharpening Service. Our expert team ensures each knife achieves an exceptionally perfect edge. This service guarantees a razor-sharp edge right out of the box, enhancing your culinary experience. When you order a Dao Vua knife from us, it is guaranteed to arrive sharp and ready for immediate use!

Customer Reviews

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Larry Burton
Special edition kiritsuke

Have had this knife for a few months now. When I first got it I had some concerns but after a lot of use it has become one of my favorite knives. The blade is fairly thin with a great profile and is light and nimble. For the price point it is an excellent knife. It is a carbon steel knife so keep it clean and dry and strop it often.

Great carbon steel knife.

These are great for the price, the last guy gave a 1 star saying he couldn’t get through the shallots.

Carbon steel vs stainless steel knives. There is a difference in application bud.

Cut your shallots and acidic stuff with stainless, that doesn’t oxidize.


Got this dao vua "special edition" knife and tried it I couldn't even chop 4 shallots befor it started to rust will chop meat and carrots and some greens but needs alot of matinance and wiping especially for a kitchen knife and surface rust ends up on the food so you need to be carful what you chop definitely not an all rounder knife which is what the design is usually for better to get white or blue steel rather than this steel unless your getting it as a project knife needs more research befor buying

We are sad to hear you aren't happy with the knife. Please reach out and we will make it right! This is the last model of the spring steel knives (Similar to 5160). Our other models with 52100 steel imported from the United States are less reactive. We will take your feedback and get our next batch made form the 52100 so this doesn't happen again. We appreciate your feedback so we make them better!


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