Our Story

A lifetime search to find an astonishingly sharp knife transformed into an obsession to find the best knives in the world, the sharpest knives, and understand how to maintain their performance. Along the journey we have develop relationships with some of the best blacksmiths and knife makers in the world.

Tokushu” Translates to “unique” or “Special” Which captures the philosophy of our brand. If our name is on a product, it is guaranteed to be special and unique. We have teamed up with the Moritaka Family, The Dao Vua Coop, and Craftsman from the Takefu Knife village to bring exceptional and unique knives to everyone who shares in our passion.

we collaborate with local Japanese craftsman to produce blades and handles to our specifications, and then hand sharpen them for excellent out of the box sharpness. the Tokushu Knife brand carries with it guaranteed satisfaction. IF you are not satisfied, send us an email, and we will make it right.

We are a small, family owned business, and our mission, is to provide excellent customer service, excellent prices, and an exceptional experience for each customer. We look forward to working for you.