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Tsunehisa 240mm Kiritsuke SRS15 Super Steel

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Tsunehisa Hamono is a brand located out of Tosa, Japan. Their aim is to bridge the gap between bringing consumers quality handmade knives, at an affordable price. Because not everyone wants unnecessary bells and whistles driving the price up of their knife when all they want is solid build and good performance.

SRS15, you're probably thinking that sounds like a chemical formula. You're partially right! SRS15 is part of a series of offerings from what we call high speed powdered steel (HSPS). Basically a concoction of ingredients brought together in perfect metallurgy harmony to produce one of the most corrosion resistance knives out there. To get all sciency and geeky, the grain structure is ultra fine and the carbide composition keeps this steel extremely sharp for a very long time, outlasting other HSPS like SG2/R2. Compared to SRS13, SRS15 has a bit more carbon making it slightly sharper, but slightly less corrosion resistant as well.

A Suehiro CERAX 1K whetstone will cut this steel easily, keeping sharpening manageable as you maintain the edge by regularly stropping with diamond compound. That is our recommendation to ensure your edge stays sharp for up to 3 months of heavy use on the line, roughly equivalent to 1+ years for you home cooks.

There exists the three staple knives of Japanese cuisine (deba, yanagiba, usuba), and then there's the kiritsuke. Often portrayed as "the master of all knives" and traditionally single bevel though this one is double bevel, it was believed that only one person per professional kitchen could utilize this knife, the master. A knife which when in the hands of a skilled user, one could easily use to mince garlic or oblique cut scallions.

At 240mm and a very functional k-tip, this knife is as versatile as you allow it to be. From julienning spring onions to slicing your roast, a kiritsuke's beauty lies in the hands of the beholder.