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Takamura SG2 Migaki 210mm Gyuto

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There are famous blacksmiths, and then there's Terukazu Takamura. Forging out of Echizen, Takamura Hamono is known for creating masterpieces in every sense of the word and without skimping on any detail. Any Takamura knife, at any price point, is attractive and a great performer. Just ask René Redzepi, 3-star Michelin chef of the world famous Noma. I mean you can ask Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana if you can't find René, he uses them too.

First, we'll clarify as a lot of people get this next piece confused. R2 and SG2 steel are exactly the same (metallurgically speaking). It is a high speed powdered steel (HSPS) which was first used by Takamura-san 60 years ago in kitchen knives. Takamura-san also marketed the steel as SG2 instead of R2, and in there lies the confusion. With decades of experience heat treating this steel, SG2 out of the Takamura forge is some of the best stainless steel you'll ever find in a kitchen knife.

With a HRC~63 and a nice brushed migaki finish, these knives are extremely good value and great performers at this price point. All Takamura knives also have that world famous laser grind which helps it glide through almost any food.

A 210mm gyuto is by far one of our most popular knife styles and length. Whether you are a home cook or a busy on the line professional chef, there's just something about 210mm that fits the sweet spot for most. Kind of like having a shoe that's half a size larger so when you decide to put on a warmer pair of socks, the shoe still fits seamlessly. To tie it back to knives, what we mean is, 210mm is a very versatile length which belongs in any kitchen!

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Specs for 210mm

  1. Blade Length: 212 mm

  2. Overall Length: 336 mm

  3. Thickness at Heel: 1.6 mm

  4. Blade Height: 45.2 m

  5. 145g