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The 100 Micron Diamond Resin plate is the king of flattening / thinning. It removes metal so fast you can feel heat generated by the thinning process. There is also very little if any mess, as the holes in the matrix collect debris. This can save you a lot of time and frustration in the flattening/thinning process. 

This honeycomb matrix is an original design by Hap Stanley. He makes each one of these stones in his workshop. Hap's resin is much softer than anything else on the market, which allows the surface to be more easily maintained. Typically, diamond resin stones are extremely hard to flatten. Hap has overcome this problem by creating a completely new material. This binder is environmentally friendly, slightly hydrophilic, and very tough. Sharpening can be done completely dry or with a few drops of water. Flattening can be accomplished with our chevron Style lapping plate (NL-4). Remember, when flattening a diamond resin stone, you are not flattening the diamonds in the resin. Rather, you are "Kicking" the diamonds out of the resin, and so you need a very tough lapping plate.

Our 1 micron resin will leave a near mirror polish on the toughest of steels. Watch out  powder metals!! Our 100 micron resin is a thinning machine. All the sizes in between are stepping/progression stones. 

Dimensions are 210 mm x 75 mm with 3 layers of diamond resin material. Overall, the plate is about 7.2mm thick including the machined Nano Hone backing plate. 

Each plate has an individual serial number so we can keep track of the life of the material.