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Yoshikane is a highly regarded knife house in Sanjo, Niigata. Founded in 1919 (大正8年),it is one of the most established top quality kitchen knife manufacturers in the region. Entering their 100th year, master Kazutoshi Yamamoto is leading the 4th generation leading the company. 

As master Yamamoto believes, “while many things change rapidly nowadays, there are ideas and believes that never change. Everyday I make sure the meaning of these words are forged into knife making”. And indeed because of this firm believe, Yoshikane produces some of the highest quality kitchen knives with superb fit and finish. Yoshikane also embraces change and new things: not only their white 2 knives are extremely high quality, they are also the pioneers using the Hitachi SLD steel and produces the stunning kurouchi damascus finish. 

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