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THE HIDEMASTER Knife Accessories


Our journey started a few years ago when some friends in Europe contacted us to source leather products for their food business. That’s when we were introduced to the excellent quality leather produced in India.

It was a one-off to begin with, but they were thrilled with the products and asked for more. We then researched the market and identified a huge gap in the supply of quality leather products for the culinary industry. To fill this gap, we decided to focus on niche leather products designed to serve the culinary industry. Making quality leather products mainly knife rolls and aprons for the culinary industry became our passion. And that’s how The Hide Master was born.

Over time, we have grown to understand the complexities of the leather industry and developed long-term relationships with some of the best craftsmen in the business. Our products are now available in the US, UK, France and Australia with plans to expand geographically.

Besides leather products, we are also seeing a lot of interest for specialised wooden products for the culinary industry and will be introducing paddle strops, knife display stands and magnetic knife holders very soon.

As a responsible business, we also donate 5% of our profits towards causes close to our hearts, including skill development, women empowerment and environmental sustainability.


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