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DAO VUA V2 Carbon Steel Kurouchi Sujihiki 240mm

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For those that venture outside of Japanese-made kitchen knives, you need only scour the internet for a few minutes before you eventually come across the brand Dao Vua. Who are they and why have they taken the internet and market by storm? The story of Dao Vua and their kitchen knife price point is really where it begins.

Here is the short and dirty version of their humble beginnings, which you can easily find online. Dao Vua knives are handmade in Hanoi, Vietnam by barefoot Vietnamese bladesmiths, using recycled materials, from what they call leaf spring steel. At the price point of these knives, they are seriously impressive from build to sharpness. Though, they may not be for you if you struggle to take care of your knives. Being carbon steel even if with a kurouchi finish, they sharpen easily, but also oxidize easily so care should be taken to maintain a dry knife.

One of the main reasons you see and hear a lot about Dao Vua, is because not only do you get a good looking knife with a cool story attached to it at a reasonable price, despite being a start up of sorts, they have listened to their customers and adapted.

Enter Version 2 Dao Vua knives, also simply known as V2. In the V2 line, Dao Vua has been careful to include better crafted handles, thinner and sharper blades, refined the knife style to more generally look like a Japanese kitchen knife and fewer inconsistencies in build fit and finish. If you are looking to pick up your first Dao Vua, we highly recommend you pick up a V2 over a V1 so that you can see and feel the difference.

A 240mm sujihiki - sujihiki literally translates to "flesh slicer" - is a very typical length for slicing a small portion of meat in one single swooping motion, or a larger portion of meat sawing back and forth with minimal tearing. 



Weight: 112g

Length: 240mm 

Height: 40mm 

Spine at heel: 2.5mm

Estimated HRC: 60

Steel: German Leaf Spring Reactive Carbon Steel

Construction: Monosteel 

Finish: Kurouchi

Grind: 50 / 50

Maker: Dao Vua Co-op

Model: V2

County: Viet Nam 

Handle: Ebony and Padauk 

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