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Moritaka Hamono Aogami #2 Kurouchi 150mm Honesuki

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Are you still after that samurai dream and want a Japanese kitchen knife that has everything you need, and leaves out everything you don't? Try out a Moritaka Hamono and see why they have been in business for so long.

Some people need to believe that the smith who forged their Japanese kitchen knife also forged samurai swords way back when, in order to conjure that fantasy we are all after of wanting to be a samurai. Well, Moritaka Hamono is about as close as it gets to that fantasy, having forged swords, now kitchen knives on the islands of Okinawa for the last ~725 years and 31 generations of experience.

About the knife: this knife has a core steel of Aogami #2 (Blue #2) wrapped in a kurouchi finish. Those who like blue #2, enjoy it for its toughness and great edge retention. Two steel qualities you would want for a workhorse knife, and here lend themselves really well particularly in this XYZ. No wonder many globally acclaimed makers like Anryu, Konosuke, Saji and others, have chosen this as their primary steel.

The honesuki, is the Japanese equivalent of a Western poultry boning knife. Its spine is rigid, its k-tip allows for precision cuts and its acute but tough heel allows it to easily push through cartilage as you are taking apart your bird. There is no question, if you are even remotely thinking about getting into chicken butchery, get a honesuki before you regret it and you'll never use anything other than it ever again.


Maker: Moritaka Hamono

Knife Type: Honesuki 

Length: 150mm 

Overall Length: 285mm

Weight: 128g

Construction: Warikomi

Cladding: Soft Iron

Core Steel: Aogami # 2 aka Blue #2

HRC:  62:63

Spine at Heel: 4.0mm

Spine Mid: 3.1mm

Height: 43mm

Edge: Double 50 / 50 Grind

Handle: Rosewood ebony Or blade only