Genkai Masakuni

Genkai Masakuni


Yobuko, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. Located 500 m offshore from Yobuko Port, famous for its squid fishing, is the floating small island of Kabeshima in the Genkai sea. This is about 30 minutes by car from the Karatsu city center. Once you cross the beautiful Yobuko bridge, which is shaped like a harp, scenery, such as crop and rice fields, as well as pasture land stretches out before you.F

If you navigate your way through the narrow farm roads that penetrate between them, there is a small factory on the top of low hill. You can hear a sharp clanking sound from within. Peer inside, and you will see two men silently working with hammers.

On the front sign board is written “Mukou Blade Factory”. Those people at work are famous and renowned knife craftsmen, Yoneo Mukou, and his son, Toshiyuki.

Famous “Genkai Masakuni”――。

The most famous blades and large knives sought out for by the top chefs, at Japanese restaurants and sushi shops with Michelin stars attached, are made at this factory.

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